Sunday, 5 September 2010


Pain may close my eyes to You
For pain can make me selfish;
Hurting seems a lonely place,
Where hope can seem so foolish.

"Lord, please take my pain away!"
Becomes my only prayer,
Sometimes shouted, sometimes wept
As if there's no-one there.

"Come into my Sanctuary,
There you'll understand.
Though still in the desert,
Behold! The Promised land."

I dared to open tear-filled eyes,
And as I looked around,
I saw that both my pain and I
Were now on Holy ground.

I knew then that the pain I felt
Would one day disappear,
And, knowing that, I suffered less,
As Love pushed out my fear.

"Lord, you gave my pain a sense,
As Your pain bought Salvation,
For in my pain I found your Grace,
- This is my Celebration!"

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